Sales Force Automation

–  Proprietary SFA Available
–  Integration with existing systems
–  Industry compliant with robust sample management and accountability

Sales Force Sample Fulfillment

–  Customized kitting and shipping
–  Receipt acknowledgment and tracking
–  PDMA Compliant Record Retention
–  Sample Accountability Integrated with Fulfillment (21 CFR 203 & 205)

Licensed Facilities

–  FDA Compliant Warehousing
–  Secured DEA Cage
–  Multiple fulfillment facilities
–  Logistics Coordination

Paper Goods Manufacturing, Management & Distribution

– Vis Aides, leave behinds, clinical data, product literature
–  Trade show materials and management, new product launches, POA Institutional Sales, etc.
–  Online ordering platform
–  Real time inventory management, forecasting and replenishment alerts

Business Analytics & Reporting

–  Impact and sales data analytics
–  Data aggregation from multiple and varied sources
–  Customized, on-demand, real time reporting
–  Survey and forecasting

Direct to Physician Sampling

–  Multiple HCP Communication methods
–  PDMA Compliant Record Retention
–  Closed loop order fulfillment with physician validation (21 CFR part 11)
–  Same day order fulfillment


–  Effective coverage via customized programs
–  Professionally trained, dedicated representatives
–  Demonstrated hit rate through multiple channels
–  Measurable results through tailored reporting

Co-Pay Card Manufacturing & Distribution

–  Direct to Physician solutions
–  Partner with any data and redemption provider
–  Data allocation and segregation across multiple channels
–  Web based order solution