Our Services

  • Sales Force Sample Fulfillment

    • Customized kitting and shipping
    • Receipt acknowledgment and tracking
    • PDMA Compliant Record Retention
    • Sample Accountability Integrated with Fulfillment (21 CFR 203 & 205)

  • Licensed Facilities

    FDA Compliant Warehousing
    Secured DEA Cage
    Multiple fulfillment facilities
    Logistics Coordination

  • Paper Goods Manufacturing

    • Vis Aides, leave behinds, clinical data,
    product literature
     Trade show materials and management, new product launches, POA Institutional Sales, etc.
     Online ordering platform
     Real time inventory management, forecasting and replenishment alerts

  • Business Analytics & Reporting

    • Impact and sales data analytics
    • Data aggregation from multiple and varied sources
    • Customized, on-demand, real time reporting
    • Survey and forecasting

  • Direct to Physician Sampling

     Multiple HCP Communication methods
     PDMA Compliant Record Retention
     Closed loop order fulfillment with physician validation (21 CFR part 11)
     Same day order fulfillment

  • Tele-Sales

    Effective coverage via customized programs
    Professionally trained, dedicated representatives
    Demonstrated hit rate through multiple channels
    Measurable results through tailored reporting

  • Sales Force Automation

    • Proprietary SFA Available
     Integration with existing systems
     Industry compliant with robust sample management and accountability

  • Co-Pay Card Manufacturing & Distribution

    • Direct to Physician solutions
    • Partner with any data and redemption provider
    • Data allocation and segregation across multiple channels
    • Web based order solution

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